For the celebration of BDCC’s 75th birthday in 2003 the Committee decided that it would be fantastic to recognize our champions. After a lengthy debate the criteria for team selection was settled that a player had to have played a minimum of 50 games in our club’s first eleven. This left 33 nominees available for selection. Detailed statistics of their first eleven performances were provided to each of the living Life Members, 14 at that time, with a request to select a balanced team in batting in batting order.


The team selected, in batting order, was Jeff Costello (VC), Terry Howard, Charles Dart, Ross Stewart Jnr, Don McLaine, Bob Osborne, Rod Campain, Nick Draffin, Bob Naismith, Colin McDonald, Paul McMahon and 12th man Vin Arthur.


Artwork was commissioned from Australia’s leading caricaturist Paul Harvey, from Harv Design, and he produced a masterpiece to hang in our clubrooms in commemoration of the event.


Last week I met with Paul to explain the technique that he used to produce the superb design and artwork:“Without knowing the people or having seen them in action I required at least two photographs (preferably in colour) of each individual. Then I sat down with Ian to discuss matters such as whether they were right or left handers, key attributes for the team, stories about them, nicknames and any quirky characteristics. A focus was on their facial features. To provide a uniqueness to the portrait another three club personalities were added. (Bernie Hall, Jack St Clair and Adrian Reus). Following this I created a draft of the portrait in pencil. Once happy with the balance of the drawing, scoreboards were positioned in the top corner of the picture which listed Life Members and other Qualifiers. The paint then came out to complete the piece.”


If you look closely there are several idiosyncratic pieces containing subtle features eg. Vin “Bull” Arthur and Adrian “Doggy” Reus. Paul came along to our re-union and enjoyed chatting to some of the legends.


Paul (Harv) Harvey has the incredible knack of being able to draw instantly recognizable caricatures of some of our greatest sporting stars. He adapts his style to suit the medium and occasion, whether its illustrating children’s books, conducting corporate presentations or painstakingly creating Brownlow certificates. His caricatures have appeared on everything from book and magazine covers to framed milestone celebrations, cards, emojis, micro-figures, t-shirts and stubby holders.

AFL players Kaitlyn Ashmore and Gryan Miers after a sitting with Paul (in the middle).


He has recently published a highly recommended book which concentrates on his caricatures over the past 30 years of hundreds of the greatest AFL players to ever don a football boot. From Coventry and Dyer, Matthews and Ablett, Flower and Blight through to current starts such as Hipwood and Tipungwuti, Harv has drawn them all in his own inimitable style. A wide selection of Harv's artwork is collected in the book.


It is available at all good bookstores or on-line at Wilkinson Publishing or Booktopia. RRP $59.99. Paul Harvey ( is happy to personally sign your copy.


Ian Scholefield 15 December 2019